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The proxy server is an intermediary or representative and accepts requests that it forwards under its own identity. The function of the proxy server can be installed as additional software on a computer or on a dedicated server.

Proxy servers can serve many different protocols at the same time or specialize in one. HTTP proxies are often used to control communication between users and Internet services. If there is a cache on the proxy, it can answer certain recurring requests itself and thus speed up page retrieval. Proxy servers can be implemented for the different connection directions as a forwarding proxy or as a reverse proxy.

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Proxy servers perform many tasks. Thanks to their proxy role, they are able to control, filter and cache data and connections. This way, internal networks, devices or services can be protected against external threats from the Internet.

Caching makes it possible to answer regularly recurring requests. Bandwidth can be saved and response times can be reduced. As an interface between two communication partners, the proxy can filter data traffic, block unwanted content or reject conspicuous requests.

Another function of the proxy is to control the available bandwidth and load distribution. The proxy server can assign bandwidth to individual clients and thus make optimal use of resources. The blocking of transmission capacity by a single or a few services is prevented. If there are several lines or interfaces, the proxy server ensures that the load is evenly distributed.

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